This year, Boy Scout camp was exhausting (wait? Isn’t iteveryyear?). Mornings began around 4:45 AM as we jumped in the pool for Polar Bear swims or the Tenderfoot Run around camp, and ended at 10 PM (or later) with evening campfires and Cat Eye hikes. One thing that I looked forward to every day was sleeping in my hammock.

今年我带来了各种吊床,认为一些侦察员或领导人可能想要尝试一下。我的部队Tentsile Stingray“alien tent,” which had to be used in turns during the week because of high demand. I also strung up theDD丛林吊床,尤里卡!Chrysalis Hommock., and the brand-newHummingbird hammock单身用于士兵的不同成员使用。来自伦敦阵营的审查的积极反馈项目之一是现场平台帐篷沟,只需使用吊床。Sounds good to me!

今年,我11岁的儿子在他的第一个夏令营加入了我。我刚刚发货了两个人克拉克顶点吊床to review for my book and I was eager to try it out with my son. We spent the week in the Vertex and enjoyed out time together.


The Clark Vertex Hammock is a two-person hammock, designed around two Mayan-style hammocks connected together by a fabric spacer and enclosed with an integrated, zippered bug net and weather shield. The fabric spacer has four main storage pockets. Two of the pockets are separated by a hook-and-loop fastener that can be separated to make one large pocket.

Hammock:67 oz (1,909 g) (in stuff sack)
Poles:7 oz (193 g) (in stuff sack)

The bug net and weather shield are held up above the head and foot end with small-diameter, segmented, fiberglass tent poles. These poles help create a spacious interior but are not required to pitch the hammock. Tie-out points both inside the bug netting and outside allow the fabric to be pulled out without the tent poles to save some pack weight.




First Impressions



多绳索也抵抗结,并且克拉克用面包曲线连接,直到重量下的结“设定”(扭曲圆圈只意味着暂时保持,并且应该在几次使用悬浮液时除去)。多绳索确实有其他优点:它具有比尼龙的较低伸展,并且耐受水分的耐受性。当使用结时,僵硬的绳子也不会绑定,让您更容易地解开睫毛或结。在与克拉克交谈时,他们承认Poly Ropes旨在达到一个广泛的客户群,他们可能没有现有的吊床体验。绳索提供基线悬浮液。他们还设计了悬架,因此您应该在任何优选方法中换完,可以轻松删除。


One of the first things I did was remove the poly ropes and replace them with continuous loops of 7/64″ Amsteel. These continuous loopsallowed me to use a variety of suspension systems。On the foot end, since the two hammocks converge to a single point, I connected a single loop of Amsteel together on a ring or carabiner to make set-up a little easier.



This is the foot end where the two hammock ends meet. I used a single line to connect these together and tied a Lark’s Head in the center of the line directly on to a carabiner.

Since I didn’t need the weather shield, I unzipped it to the foot end and tucked it away into the storage pocket.

A closer view of the zippers and stitching. This is looking over the storage pocket for the bug netting and weather cover.

A closer view of the zippers and stitching. This is looking over the storage pocket for the bug netting and weather cover.

Tent Poles

The tent poles use a unique connection system since the diameter is so small. I haven’t seen tent poles this small; it’s very cool. The longer pole on the head end kept separating, so I super-glued the shock cord segments so they would stay together. I’ve been told that all the new models the pole tips have all been glued at the factory.

Clark has really pioneered the use of segmented tent poles in their hammock designs, but these have been carefully crafted to provide just the right amount of lift without really requiring the structural support you need on a tent. The smaller diameter allows the fiberglass poles to flex more as you move in the hammock, thus lowering the strain on the fabric. I guess it would be fair to call these hammock poles, since they offer a similar yet distinctive role compared with tents.


Weather Shield


Bug Netting

After a week of using the Vertex, one worry I have is the sharp corners along the zipper where the bug netting meets the hammock body. There was a lot of strain on the fabric right where the zipper turns. I’ve yet to try the Vertex without the tent poles, but I speculate that if I remove the poles it will help reduce the strain along the zipper line. I didn’t experience any failures on the zipper or create any tears, but it was difficult to pull the zipper around the corner.

Strain on the zipper is due, in part, to how the Vertex is hung. With this test trip, the trees were not very cooperative in providing three perfectly spaced trees. The distance between them was longer than desired and I had to climb higher up on the trees to set an anchor point. While the hang itself was suitable, it wasn’t ideal for the Vertex, and since there is no ridge line to keep the hammock in an ideal sag, the further apart the anchor points, the more the hammock will splay, which puts more strain on the zippers for example.

In talking with Clark, they highly recommend looking for locations that have trees closer together to achieve an optimal hang.

Outer Storage Pockets

The outer storage pockets are large enough to hold a pair of shoes or boots, but I just used it for holding unused stuff sacks. These pockets end up being around my upper leg and knee when I lay in the hammock. The pockets are gusseted and have ample room for gear without impacting the lay of the hammock.


顶点 - 中心存储区

The inner shelf has a listed weight capacity of 150 lbs (68 kg), so my son and I placed our packs and gear in this area, keeping it protected from the elements and bugs. Interestingly enough, when this center area was loaded up with our gear, it made my sleep less comfortable. All the gear really loaded this area down and negatively affected the way the hammocks performed. I finally removed most of the gear and got a much better lay in my hammock bed.




Because of the tent poles, I had to pitch the tarp fairly high to clear the top of the hammock. This is actually one thing I like about hammocks verses tents: I was able to easily walk under the tarp without ducking or crawling. For better weather protection, primarily in the winter, pitching a tarp lower to the ground helps prevent drafts, but the Vertex with tent poles makes it difficult to do this with the stock tarp. Removing the tent poles and just using a guy line to hold up the bug net allows the tarp to be pitched much lower, if needed. However, combined with the weather cover and pitching down the corners, there really isn’t a huge need to lower the tarp.


With two separate hammocks, my son and I could enter and move without disturbing the other. I often went to bed after my son, and when getting in, I never shook his side or made him wake up. As I mentioned before, with the center panel loaded with gear, I wasn’t able to get the best lay, but when I removed the heavy gear, it worked out much better.



Setting Up At Camp

I’ve pitched two tents side-by-side before, much like how the Vertex is set up, but I found some challenges when setting up the hammock at camp. You’d think that with a forest full of trees (or in my case, a particular camp site), it would be easy to find three trees that would work, but it proved harder than I thought. The Vertex cannot be set up if the two trees on the head end are too far apart (width) for fear of ripping the hammock apart. If the trees are closer together, that is fine; it just means the center panel is not taut, but it still works as a storage area.





Set-up on the Vertex was more difficult than using two separate hammocks, but I really liked having an enclosed space that my son and I shared together. It made it more convenient to stay protected from the bugs, and being so close, we could talk and feel close even though we were in separate beds.



披露材料连接:作者(Derek Hansen)提供了制造商的免费样品,用于测试和评估目的。这篇文章(书面和口头)的评论是我自己的意见,我在个人处理装备后形成。我没有义务发布对此项目的审查。


  1. Cardiac Hill, huh? I feel for you brother.Which week? We were week 3 site 13. I brought my ENO double-nest for naps and book reading. If you don’t mind the mice crawling on you at night, the adirondacks aren’t bad. At week 3 we were hitting the mid-30’s at night, so it was a bit chilly for my hang.

    • Derek. 说:


  2. David Bagwell 说:

    Have you done a review on the Hummingbird Hammock? I am curious. Their weight limits and even their suspension is interesting.

  3. Steg 说:


    • Derek. 说:

      Clark actually does have something like this — a webbing strap between the two points, but it is a stop gap. The hammock isn’t designed to be pulled apart so dramatically.

  4. John 说:

    Thank you for the review.. I’ve searched high and low for a good review of the Vertex. My wife has interest to go packing and camping with me.. Having this as an option means she can feel safe.. Though the cost is a bit high, it does seem to be worth it for the safety feeling of a loved one.


    • Derek. 说:


  5. Mike 说:


    Looking at the pics it’s not clear to me if we could safely and responsibility do that.

    • Derek. 说:

      It’s technically possible, and I’ve thought of doing the same thing. The trouble is that you have to have a near-perfect pitch where the hammocks are pulled apart just right because that center section is kind of like “flex” space that will move around as the hammocks move.

  6. cj saavedra 说:

    我注意到你有顶部和底极线条?我的顶点没有两个......这是一个原型还是较新版本?我的Flex 180都有两者,我喜欢它才能迈出一个杆系统。

  7. Pablo Airth 说:


  8. JeremyFlatt. 说:

    Hey Derek, nice review. I just received my vertex yesterday. At my house i only have one option or space to set this up. It looks like my configuration is correct but i notice when i lay in it the sides of my hammock is really pushing tight against my shoulders… My wife has the same complaint. I didn’t expect it to be as roomy as nx-250 but this is borderline suffocating and uncomfortable. I am hoping it is just the setup… I also notice my center area does not seem as taunt as i have seen in some pictures…


    • Derek. 说:

      I didn’t notice it much when I hung it with the right distance/angle in a controlled area in my hammock lab. Out in the field it wasn’t so easy and so the two of us had to work it out a little. I think my son faired better than I did. The hammock isn’t that large, so if you are tall and wide, it may very well feel tight inside. It doesn’t offer as much room as bigger hammocks; a trade off on the design. It may be that you look at going back to single hammocks and sharing a tarp over the top of you both.

      • 杰里米 说:

        I am 6’1 170. I really do hope it is better in the woods. I am going hiking this Friday with my 9 year old. When me and my wife tested it out here like i said there was only 1 area that was possible to set up. However it seemed to be pretty close to what they recommend as the ideal configuration. But we both immediately noticed how confined we felt at the shoulders. When you would lay completely down the hammock would just about completely close above you. The only way i found to stop this was to lay sideways and use my body (knees in fetal position) to push against the hammock… It isn’t a big deal for sleeping but I had hoped to hang out in the hammock at night, maybe watch a movie on my tablet…. There video title that I watched several times before purchasing claimed real comfort for two people. So I guess I maybe got more excited about this “comfort” then I should have. Again maybe it was just that one configuration… I’ll report back after the trip.

        • Derek. 说:

          You may also try pitching the foot end a little higher than the head end and see if that helps keep you set. That said, the Vertex does compromise a little on size as a tradeoff for weight — it is a big kit.

    • 史蒂夫 说:


      If the trees are very far apart (from head to foot end) then most people think they should just pull the hammock tight to keep it off the ground. This makes it uncomfortable. Instead, raise the ropes as high on the tree as you can and then give it some slack to make it feel comfortable.


  9. Derek ...在这里很大的信息。我刚刚在亚马逊上订购了你的书,迫不及待地想读它,我知道我会学到很多东西。我的妻子和我刚刚购买了克拉克顶点,我们还没有右边的周末试一试,但很快就会。一个问题:很可能我会带着顶点出来的绳索,并用四个Amsteel环取代,以及四个Carabiners和Atlas肩带。你认为AMSteel环的最佳长度是什么?感谢您可能提供的任何建议。

  10. [...]一个模块化设计,具有集成,可互换和可拆卸的BUG网和过度覆盖(克拉克丛林吊床是第一个拥有冬季覆盖的内置,但不能移除)。这是Trail Days的谈话[...]

  11. [...]德克萨斯州的亮点为我闲聊包括篝火周围的音乐,周六的惊人壶运气,检查每个人的吊床,并满足这么多令人愉快的人。在我的部分,我带来了几个吊床的展示和讲述,包括流行的方便吊床,全新的Therm-A-Rest Slacker Hammock,Maverick Hammock,Amok Draumr Hammock,Sierra Madre Researchs和Nubé庇护所,和双人克拉克顶点吊床。[...]

  12. DeWayne Westphal 说:

    I am fairly new to the whole hammock scene, I am 6’2 and 250lbs, been a camper for years but being a side sleeper I have begun looking for alternatives to the ground… The girlfriend and I would love to get one where we could be together in the same shelter… Is side sleeping possible in the vertex?

    • Derek. 说:

      Yes. It is a unique shelter. You can achieve the same concept with two single hammocks pitched close together under the same tarp. At your height, you may be pushing the limit of the vertex.

      • DeWayne Westphal 说:


        • Derek. 说:

          任何吊床都会让你睡在你身边。至于大而且,有像吊床的基本吊床,Kammok Roo;丛林吊床喜欢Warbonnet XLC和Hennessy Hammock Safari。

  13. 凯尔 说:

    Is there any other two person hammocks you have tested that compare to or are better than the vertex ?

    • Derek. 说:


      • 凯尔 说:

        Thank you for the quick response ! No car camping we are mostly deep woods camping in the mountains of Pennsylvania so I’m looking for an alternative to a heavy tent set up but I need something comfortable for me and my wife for weeks on end here’s the hard part I need something that can also sleep our 2 year old son safely . I guess I’m wondering if the vertex is designed for this kind of set up safety being the first concern

  14. John 说:


    I may have missed it. Do you still suggest hanging this at 30 degrees? Clark site wants to lead you into mounting the traps pretty high and a steep angle.

    Thanks, I am on the verge of ordering.


  15. Russell 说:

    Just wondering if for instance you had 2 trees that were too far apart on the head end, would it be acceptable to tie the 2 ends together, about halfway between the hammock and the trees to bring them back to the proper angle? In my mind if you rig it right, the straps(and additional rope) should take all the stress.

  16. [...]比其简单的设计能让吧。与固定的多人吊床和平台类似于Clark顶点吊床或Tentsile的Stingray,树-O框架是可调的,这意味着您可以附加到树木[...]

  17. Zeldalovestreats. 说:

    My fiance and I are considering buying this hammock, but I have a couple of concerns:


    我们有一只狗,就是我们把英航约22磅ckpacking with us. Would she be able to sleep in the gear storage area comfortably? We are also about to add a second dog, so would two dogs (total weight approx 50 lbs) fit in the gear storage area? I am not a fan of storing gear in that area since we backpack in bear country, so the dogs would be the only things occupying that space.

    • Derek. 说:

      我宣布你发现顶点太小而且限制了。中间齿轮区域会握住你的狗。顶点对夫妻有吸引力,但由于他的身高,我会推荐一个11英尺的吊床给他和一个单独的吊床。分享篷布并保持靠近。Dream Hammock有很多带有大网的吊床的定制选择。来自地下绗缝的冬天梦塔尔克提供了很多庇护所和隐私。

  18. [...]铺设。这是一种与来自克拉克丛林吊床,顶点的流行的2人吊床类似的方法。设计中的串联更简单,具有自己独特的模块化[...]

  19. Jonathan Mcdonald 说:

    In theory couldn’t I just bring a strong telescopic pole backpacking and tie around the ends of it ,from the 2 corners(head).Then from the center of the pole tie around a tree which will still allow you to only use 2 trees instead of 3?

  20. Daenon Janis 说:

    Do you think that in situations where you can’t find the perfect trees for the head section, that you could connect the rope/straps around two trees that are too wide, give it some slack, and then use some spare rope to tie the two pieces of rope to a more optimal angle?

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